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Course Description

Virtual Guidance: Meditation

☑️ meditative proficiency in as little as three weeks!* 
☑️ journal reviewed by Joshua 
☑️ get your weekly practice plan 
☑️ gain skill with daily practice

Begin your journey and transform through meditation!  No experience needed!

Unlock your inner potential, achieve tranquility, and navigate life with newfound clarity.  Cultivate a consistent meditation habit and boost your skills to enjoy benefits in daily life. Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Enroll now and discover the serenity within! 

*A three-week timeline assumes diligent and disciplined application and may not suit those lacking time, commitment, or capacity. Most people take 4-5 weeks to complete the course; some take 6, and very few take 7-8 weeks, usually because of extenuating life events. No one who put in the effort and did not experience unforeseen, extenuating circumstances took more than 6 weeks, and even 6 weeks is rare.

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