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Course Description

Virtual Guidance: Meditation

☑️ meditative proficiency in as little as three weeks!* 
☑️ journal reviewed weekly by Coach Joshua 
☑️ get your weekly practice plan and weekly session 
☑️ gain skill with daily practice, timers included

Begin your journey and attain personal transformation through meditation!  No experience needed!

Unlock inner potential, achieve tranquility, and navigate life with newfound clarity.  Gain techniques and cultivate a consistent meditation habit to boost your skills to enjoy concrete benefits in daily life. Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Enroll now and discover the serenity within! 

*A three-week timeline assumes diligent and disciplined application and may not suit folks lacking time, commitment, or capacity. Most people take four to five weeks to complete the course; some take six, and very few take longer, usually because of extenuating life events. No one who puts in the effort and did not experience unforeseen, extenuating circumstances took more than 6 weeks, which is rare.

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